Trying to figure out what to pack for a cruise? Deciding what to take along can get trickier than you’d expect. Even seasoned travelers often forget the essentials, and first-time passengers usually don’t know about the small items that can make a big difference. Another thing you might not know? Cruise lines have lots of rules about what you can and can’t carry onboard — which means there are plenty of things that you should never pack for a cruise.

Read on to check out the items that should never go in the luggage that you pack for a cruise.

1. Beer or liquor

Cruise passengers drink beer

Passengers on a cruise drink beer. | DisobeyArt/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus

Cruise lines famously charge exorbitant prices at the bar. Even so, you shouldn’t try to sneak beer or liquor onboard the ship. Cruise Critic reports that “most big-ship, mainstream lines will confiscate liquor and beer brought onboard during embarkation. ” Most will also throw away confiscated alcohol, which means that you won’t get it back at the end of the cruise. The one exception? Wine, which is subject to restrictions but it usually allowed.

  • Pack instead: Wine, within the cruise line’s limits

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